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1 price protection; 2 customer service special service; 3 general service customer service; 4 customer service service rules; 5 service commitment; 6 service process

Third party sellers self service

1 shipping insurance; 2 seller independent customer service; customer service service (3 general merchandise sold since the day (the actual harvest date) within 7 days to return, 15 days can be a replacement, you can submit online repair / replacement application for return matters.) 4 after sales service rules; 5 service process

Formulated in accordance with relevant state regulations, customer service clause Rambo mall specific implementation is as follows:

From the date of receipt of the goods (the date of receipt)

Problems arise

Enjoyment of rights and interests

Within 7 days

Appeared in the state of the provisions of the three packs of performance security, through the manufacturers designated or special maintenance points to confirm the failure is true。

Return, replacement or warranty

Eighth to fifteenth days

Replacement or warranty

Sixteenth to the warranty period

Free warranty

All warranty provisions are in the state "three packs of regulations" as the guidelines, such as the instructions and the "three provisions" conflict, the "three packs of regulations" as the standard。

Under one of the following circumstances, not in the state of the relevant "three packs of regulations" of the column:

1、More than three packs of valid;

2、Failure to use, maintain, and keep the product in accordance with the requirements of the product.;

3、The non - assumed three - pack repair (i.e., non - manufacturer designated or special maintenance point) demolition caused damage to the;

4、No valid three packs of certificates and valid invoice;

5、Alter three packs of certificates;

6、Three the product type or number on the certificate is not in conformity with the goods in kind;

7、The damage was caused by force majeure.;

8、Non product quality problems, such as: compatibility issues, for color, appearance, shape is not satisfied, etc.;

9、Product issues in the relevant laws and regulations of the country, such as: liquid crystal display has a bright spot。

After sale rules

1、Rambo mall strictly follow the national "three pack" regulations, fulfill the obligation of return, replacement, repair goods are sold on the site. Amoy Changzhou commitment to comply with the following conditions, the purchase of goods due to quality problems, from the date of sale (the actual delivery date) within 7 days can be returned within 15 days can be a replacement, 15 to the warranty period freeFei Weixiu. Customers can contact customer service or through online self-service service to complete the return applicationFeaver:

1)The provisions of the state laws of functional failure or product quality problems, confirmed by manufacturer designated or special customer service service center, and issue the test report (such as customer service service center to provide the test report, you will need to provide goods or single fault detection);

2)Complete product packaging is not damaged, goods and accessories, gifts (such as buying gifts), manual, warranty certificate and invoice are complete;

3)Loss, lack of goods due to logistics;

4)The goods received are not in conformity with the description of the web site (except for the color difference within the normal range of the goods or in the case of replacement of the outer packing due to replacement of the goods)。

2、If the complete set of goods (including gifts) in the quality of some of the goods, in handling the return, you must provide a complete set of goods。

3、7 days no reason to return policy

If the goods without any quality problems, Amoy Changzhou commitment: since you actually received within 7 days of the goods, (customer receipt date), the return of goods freight borne by you under the condition of no reason to return to enjoy. Rambo city sold are brand new goods, according to the law and the nature of the goods, the goods do not apply to 7 days no reason to return:

1). Goods damaged, but not on the spot when the receipt of goods returned;

2). More than 7 natural day product return period after the return required (from the date of receipt);

3). Return goods incomplete, packaging, accessories, gifts, manual is not complete, or the appearance of man-made causes damage;

4). Legitimate purchase vouchers or documents to provide return, or forges or alters the documents;

5). The occurrence of non quality problems caused by the product itself, as well as the man-made collision burned, without modification, foreign bodies (water, oil, sand, etc.) according to the instructions guidelines for use and operation caused by improper installation, the quality of goods;

6). Torn, altered labels, machine serial number, waterproof marker, anti fake mark etc.;

7). Due to the inevitable factors, such as fire, floods, lightning, traffic accidents and other irresistible force to cause damage to the product;

8). Contact customer service to confirm the Rambo return service, did not send the corresponding objects in the 7 calendar days;

4、Merchant goods by the merchant to bear after the sale, the business of the specific customer service rules, see the details of the product description。

In particular, the following conditions shall not be returned

1)Any goods that are not sold by this site (serial number) or service;

2)Has been issued invoices, return goods did not return the invoice;

3)Over guaranteed goods (more than three guarantees in the warranty period of goods);

4)Can not provide warranty card Three Guarantees certificate or Three Guarantees certificate and commodity information does not match and altered;

5)Any goods that have been used for the two time (except for the quality problem) which have been used in the open package.;

6)Unauthorized repair, misuse, neglect, abuse, collision, accident, liquid, alteration, incorrect installation caused by the quality of the goods, or torn, altered label, serial number of the machine, anti fake mark;

7)Other should not be returned in accordance with the law。

After-sales commitment

1、Fake a lose three

Customers buy Rambo store goods, on receipt of the goods, such as the customer that the goods should be fake, identification certificate issued by the quality inspection department together with the professional commodity submit to the Amoy Changzhou customer service center, verification and identification is true, Rambo mall will be unconditional implementation of "fake a lose three". Part payment will be issued in the form of coupons, please check in three working days after the receipt of orders in the "coupon" member center.

2、After sale

Customers buy goods within 7 days (including 7 days, counting from the date of receipt of the goods customers) due to quality problems and return the application submitted by the audit, and within 15 days (including 15 days, counting from the date of receipt of the goods customers) due to quality problems and submit application replacement through the audit, to provide free pick-up service in Rambo mall distribution range. Statutory holidays, power outages, weather and other force majeure circumstances.

3、Service processing cycle

1)Return cycle: from the receipt of goods within 5 working days as you complete the processing (refund arrival time because the third party payment platform or banking system restrictions may have a corresponding delay, please forgive me);

2)Normal maintenance processing cycle: from the date of receipt of the issue of goods within 30 working days for you to complete. National holidays, to provide services for part of the brand manufacturer's customer service service center delayed repair time is prolonged。

4、After-sales service commitment

All pre-sale, sale, after sale, we promised to verify within one hour, within one working day.:

1)An hour is the working hours of Monday to Friday 9:00-18:00, Saturday, legal holidays, power outages, such as the exception can not be handled properly。

2)A working day refers to working time from Monday to Friday, starting from accepting the calculation within 24 hours, in the case of Saturday day, legal holiday, power will be postponed;

3)Solution: return, replacement or refund scheme (return, refund processing time required, extra) if the customer does not agree with the above solution, negotiation time plus;

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