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First step registration

Rambo in the shopping mall, you need to register first Rambo mall account. (with the registration interface screenshot)

Second step login

To enter the click on the upper right corner of the "login" button (with screenshot)

Third step selection of goods:

In the upper right corner of the Rambo mall search box enter the keyword search for goods.

Can also browse merchandise in store merchandise classification list page.

Click the name of the product to enter the product details page.

Fourth step into the shopping cart:

1 to enter you to buy the product details page, click "join the shopping cart" button, the product will be automatically added to your shopping cart, and appears to be successfully added to the shopping cart!" Prompt;

2 click on the "go shopping cart settlement" button (as shown in the red box below), the mall will enter the shopping cart page interface;

3 in the shopping cart interface, you can view the merchandise price, commodity price, change the number of purchases (in the shopping cart where the commodity column after the quantity of the goods box input purchase quantity), delete the merchandise into the shopping cart, or directly to the settlement; you can also select "continue shopping", the other wants to buy merchandise into the shopping cart, and then go to the settlement;

Fifth step submission

1. Select the goods can go to the settlement, click the "go to the settlement" button, the mall will automatically enter the page to submit the order page;

2. In the submission of the order page, you need to fill out the consignee information (receiving address, contact phone, etc.), choose the way of payment and goods distribution, select the type of invoice (individual or unit). If you have comments, please leave a message in the "order notes" below;

3. After the confirmation, you can click "submit order", mall system will automatically generate new orders and display the order number, remind you of "pay"; this, your order is submitted to the success, in order to give you timely delivery, please pay for the goods in a timely manner.

Sixth step payment

After the order is successfully submitted, you can click on the "immediate payment" button to pay the purchase price. HUAWEI mall support and online banking to pay Alipay to pay two payment.

Seventh step view order status

After the order is successfully submitted, you can go to the "my order" page to view the processing progress information of the order.

Eighth step receipt and evaluation:

After the receipt of the goods, you can enter the personal center, click on the product evaluation, I want to comment to complete the evaluation.

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