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Mental Force Head Hoop Mental Force Head Hoop Mental Force Head Hoop Mental Force Head Hoop

Mental Force Head Hoop

Visualization of brain waves to extend the focus time
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Technical parameter

Texture of material

High-grade leather soft belt

Sensing electrode

Three (EEG, grounding, reference)

Adapter head



Bluetooth transmission, ios/ Android platform


200mAH,Continue to use 4-5 hours

Product function

Brain development / mindfulness training / meditation training / stress management / improving sleep

Application support

20+APP applications, more professional applications continue to develop

Customer service

6 months warranty, life-long maintenance


1、Healthy brainwave regulation, let the brain healthier and smarter;

2、The four section of brain regulation, to allow the brain to return to healthy frequency;

3、Focus on upgrading, can make us more efficient life, learning, work in a variety of challenges;

4、Relax to improve, we can improve the management of self emotion, to enhance the EQ talk about their liberation from the anxiety and tension;

Energy is no longer worrying about what you do well, but how you do it better.

Receive honor

Apple MFI certification: as low as 2% of the certification through rate, to ensure that parts of product design, quality and taste with Apple's brand is highly consistent

High-grade soft leather, fitting skin more comfortable, Velcro adhesive fixed, easy to wear, with all kinds of head。

Packing list:The core module of x1, x1, X1 power line Leather Headband

File:Certificate x1, warranty card x1, the use of manual x1

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